Take Two

After such a wonderful first weekend together, we’d decided to have a re-run the following weekend. In the middle, I was across the country in Iowa all week for a meeting, but we talked often, & both really enjoyed catching up a lot throughout each day.

My meeting ended on Friday October 1st & I headed back to Columbus, & this time it was M’s turn to meet me at the airport! I have to admit that I really enjoyed that bit – seeing him waiting at the bottom of the stairs wearing his uniform and a big smile was priceless. He took me out for a lovely dinner that evening, & we pretty much continued the weekend where we’d ended the previous one!

On the Saturday we met up with some of his friends for lunch as well as a wander around the Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus – another really interesting place with lots of cool Civil War history. Definitely worth a visit if you’re down that way (although I know not everyone is a history fan like me!). I do enjoy all kinds of stuff like that, so I’m usually very easily amused wherever I go, provided there is something historical to see.

M had also just moved into his new apartment midweek, so we spent a little time ferrying things out there that he needed & getting it a little more user-friendly for him. Overall I think his favorite new toy was the enormous LED TV that he bought over the weekend though!  

I suppose he further confirmed for me that he is a man of his word when he presented me with a bunch of travel brochures he’d collected before I arrived that weekend!


4 responses to “Take Two

  1. I hope y'all do make it to New Zealand! I can't wait to see the photos!

  2. Oh, I love this man! Travel brochures? Love it!

  3. Check out my other Blog from when I lived in New Zealand, I have lots of info there!http://ayearinnzed.blogspot.com/

  4. Natalia, thanks for your comments! And thanks too for the link to your NZ adventures – how fabulous! It sounds like it was a great experience being there for the year. Loved the photos especially – already I've spotted your comments about Queenstown and Dunedin where you lived – we'll be going to both places during our travels. We fly out on Friday!

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