A Ray Of Sunshine

Well I’m still alive folks! I’ve been completely swamped under work and committee deadlines for the past couple of weeks, so all things non-priority have pretty much taken a back-burner in the meantime. Thankfully for my sanity I am emerging slowly from the ashes – the deadlines have all been successfully met, & I am beginning to see the light again. Hopefully I can resume blogging over the weekend.

I just came across this list of “74 Simple Things You Can Do To Brighten Your Spouse’s Dayat www.engagedmarriage.com. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it often shares some interesting relationship posts.

It never hurts for any of us to even just be reminded to say something positive to our partner. What other things do you guys do to spread the love with your partner?

Those aeroplane pretzels ARE good for something after all!


2 responses to “A Ray Of Sunshine

  1. Awesome list … . I'll have to tuck it away for those days when I need to find a way to uplift my DH

  2. After 22 years of marriage, still start each day with 'I love you' and still end each day with 'I love you' – simple, but true!

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