Birthday Boy

I’m still having a hard time keeping up with additions here right now, although I haven’t forgotten it! My absence is mostly due to work commitments, combined with being away from home for best part of 3 days each week. And also partly due to my ability to procrastinate and maybe feel that I should “plan” my musings rather than just run with a new post by simply putting pen to paper.

But anyway, I thought I’d drop in and at least wish a very Happy Birthday to M for today! 

The Birthday Boy!

We had a fun weekend in NY, especially since the weather stayed unexpectedly dry for the most part. It’s been so horrendously wet here in New England this month, and across the northeast in general. Actually across many parts of the country, to be honest. I’ve heard lots of folk talking about how strangely wet their spring has been. It does all look beautifully green here though, I must admit. And I shouldn’t complain, because I fear we’ll go from this to “90 and humid” pretty much overnight sometime soon. And I dread that more than anything. The rain I can cope with.

Sunday afternoon was all about baking. I’d asked M: “Oreos or peanut butter?”, and I was given a long answer to a short question. Or actually, I really wasn’t given an answer at all! So I decided to hedge my bets and go for both. So I made a combination birthday cheesecake – half “chocolate and peanut butter”, and half “oreos”.

I’m not religious, but I did say a quiet prayer for my waistline upon completion of this creation! Later I cut it into the tiniest chunks for freezing too – that way we’re more likely to just grab a small piece for a treat, rather than be tempted to cut off and devour a slab the size of Rhode Island……..

Hope you are not too submerged this spring!


6 responses to “Birthday Boy

  1. Hullo Nicky.

    Happy Brithday M!
    I thought you wre a bit mean with the birthday cake when I saw this but on reading I understand a bit better.

    Glad to read it’s not all work and no play………


  2. Hehe, Al, I also forgot to add that I had a wee bit of leftover ingredients which I poured into a couple of individual cake cups! This too was a good way for us to restrain ourselves & have some “portion control” that night!

  3. Happy Birthday, M! You are so smart to cut the cake into teeny pieces and freeze. Leftover cake makes such a tempting breakfast.

  4. That looks so decadent! Happy B-day, M!

    Roger that on the horrendous spring. T is so disappointed because he missed last year’s phenomenal weather while he was in The Stan and now we are getting the same wet weather we had two years ago.

  5. My mouth’s watering!!! I love Oreo cookies, I love peanut butter and I love cheesecake! Sounds delicious – think I’ll go do some baking!
    It’s been really wet here too – and extremely windy. More like October than May to be honest, but for the colour of the trees!

  6. Ha ha! I’m not religious either, but I do like the idea of praying for my waistline! And with a cake like that, you might to say a couple! Good idea to freeze it in small portions… Looks awesome. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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