Dr Gourmet

Just thought I’d share a great nutrition website that I discovered a few days ago.  I’m somewhat addicted to Sirius XM satellite radio – in particular I love their “Doctor Radio” station, and there’s a great nutrition program on each week – last week’s guest on the program was Dr Timothy Harlan.

Dr Tim is a chef and MD, & so far I’m loving checking out his website at http://www.drgourmet.com as well as his associated blog at http://blog.drgourmet.com

There’s so much great stuff on both sites. Apologies for not being able to link up to the sites directly, but I’m having ridiculous problems figuring out how to do this for external links with WordPress. Actually, I’m having lots of problems with WordPress in general – although I much prefer its cleaner, crisper appearance, it’s definitely given me way more technical problems than Blogger did….despite the fact that I switched over here because of the technical issues I was having at Blogger!  Hehe! I’m doomed…….I’ll have to employ an IT specialist full time, I think…….



3 responses to “Dr Gourmet

  1. Oh yum…I’ll have to check this site out, too. I’m really trying to get more into the habit of eating locally and seasonally, and I find myself repeating Michael Pollen’s mantra in my head…”Eat food. Not much. Mostly plants.”

  2. Not to worry, vegetarians can find excellent gourmet cheese.
    It is often best if you go to a place outdoors that means something to the both of you.
    Be sure to use two slices, whether it’s one type of cheese or two.

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