A Decade On

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the terror attacks on the World Trade Center buildings. The memory is so vivid for me, as it is for everyone.

I dug out an old picture I’d taken years ago while in NYC. I remember taking the elevator to the top of one of the buildings during that trip, marveling at the enormity of the towers, & the hustle bustle inside. Not to mention the spectacular view from the top.

Thanks to all those who serve us so selflessly.


2 responses to “A Decade On

  1. I too stood on top of the WTC (though I’m not sure which one of the towers) looking out across the city way back in 1990.
    And to remember that day on 911, even 10 years on, still takes my breath away.

    • Mine too – I can only imagine how painful it still is for those who survived & for families of the victims. It grips my chest just seeing replays, & I was fortunate enough not to have known anyone who was lost. I really feel for the poor families left behind. Any photos we have of those towers will always be ones to treasure.

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