Fall In New Hampshire

Last Sunday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed north, venturing into New Hampshire! I realized it’s been a year since I was last up there – can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly. I also can’t believe that I don’t get up there more often – I’m relatively close to the MA-NH border, it really only takes me about 40 minutes to cross into the state.

But I did at least make up for lost time with my day-long road trip last weekend. The weather was lovely – blue skies and bright sunshine, even if a little cool. Thankfully there were enough coffee-stop opportunities to keep me warmed up!

I did a little circular drive around Mount Monadnock and managed to get some fun photos that captured some quintessential New England scenes.

One of my favorite towns that I visited was Greenfield – a tiny village, really, but I just loved their Covenant Congregational Church in the middle of town on the main road. It was surrounded by beautiful fall colors and just looked amazing in the sunshine.

Even their little cemetery behind the church looked very scenic!

Traveling on, I came into Marlow, and managed to find some beautiful reflections of the fall colors in their lake.

Stoddard was next up – another tiny town, and I think I was the only person out walking! I was quite taken by their lovely Congregational Church too, with its war memorial out front.

Just across the road from the church they also had a peaceful Memorial Garden.

I finished up the afternoon in Jaffrey, the town where Mount Monadnock is located. This is a bigger town with more amenities than the others I’d visited earlier on (allowing me to get ice cream!), and I certainly enjoyed wandering around the place for a while, it was very photogenic.

Right in the center of town they have a grassy area with a gazebo in the middle. Next to it is an eagle monument, although I couldn’t find any specific information about this. Very colorful though.

Close to the gazebo is a beautiful and touching war memorial, “Boys of WWI”.

Just a little further on from the gazebo is Jaffrey’s Clay Library, with another (huge) War Memorial in front. Such a beautiful library building, and it looked amazing with the bright blue sky for contrast against its red brick.

All around the town they had various Halloween exhibits. I loved their “Mr and Mrs” scarecrows!

All in all, a great day’s road trip!

You just can’t fail to love New England in the fall.



2 responses to “Fall In New Hampshire

  1. Gorgeous photos! We went up into the mountains this weekend to take a look at the colors and they were LAME. Fall just isn’t as impressive in the west as it is in the east. 😦

    • Thanks! Bummer that you guys didn’t get the fall colors you’d hoped for this year. It’s been weird here this year too – we had no color for the longest time, then over a couple of days it all changed. It’s fading fast now as the leaves fall off! Hope you are well! My blogging has been sporadic lately, I’m trying desperately to keep going, despite being so busy with work stuff. Best wishes, Nicky

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