Mount Greylock

Last weekend we were forecast a bright, sunny Saturday with temperatures in the low 60s. Having the weekend all to myself, I decided to head west with my camera gear! “West” meaning western Massachusetts – I’d decided to head to Mount Greylock, about a couple of hours away from me.

I’ve never been to that region before, so I was looking forward to seeing the scenery from the top of the mountain, especially with all the beautiful fall colors we have right now.

Well it seems that the weather forecasters fibbed massively to me – it was, in fact, cloudy, overcast, 41 degrees, and quite foggy at the top of the mountain – couldn’t see anything at the summit! It was downright cold – I was glad I’d thrown my fleece jacket in the car, and was even more pleased to find an old pair of gloves kicking around in the back too.

But despite the cold weather, I really enjoyed my little road trip. And I still managed to see some lovely colors from various vantage points en-route to the summit along the state-designated Scenic Byway. I’m glad I went, even though the weather wasn’t great – the Scenic Byway is only open from late May until November 1st, so at least I managed a viewing before it closes for the season.

Mount Greylock occupies the highest point in Massachusetts, standing at 3,491 feet. It’s in Lanesborough, in the Berkshires region, where the scenery aroundabout is beautiful – even without sunshine!

At the summit it really was just a white-out, but I loved how dramatic it looked as a result of the dense fog. I caught this image of the Massachusetts Veterans War  Memorial Tower, with the top just disappearing into the fog.

The tower was built in 1992, and later dedicated in June 1933 as a tribute to the state’s military servicemembers.

Another thing I enjoyed at the summit was seeing all the berry trees – their reds were beautiful, and really contrasted nicely with the white of the fog. Very seasonal!

So all in all, a fun day trip, for sure. I’m looking forward to visiting the area again – I think it’ll be beautiful in all seasons, and would make for great scenic comparisons. If you’re ever in the western Massachusetts region, I highly recommend you taking a jaunt along the Scenic Byway.


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