‘Tis The Season

Well, it isn’t quite “that” season yet, but it certainly feels that way here at the moment. We had an unseasonal snowstorm here in New England over the weekend that brought with it about a foot of snow. Unbelievable! It’s certainly not unknown for us to get snow flurries here in October, but a huge storm like that is extremely unusual.

Friday was absolutely gorgeous, with brilliant, clear blue skies and lots of sunshine – a classic “fall-in-New-England” day.

Twenty four hours later, however, and this was the picture – it was actually taken on the same street too, just about half a mile away from the previous day’s photo!

By about 5pm I was house-bound, the weather wasn’t great to say the least. It did, however, provide me with a good excuse to get some chores done at home though, so that was useful. And meanwhile, my cat Tiddles did what she loves to do when it’s snowing – she sat near the window on snow patrol.

Over the course of the evening & overnight while it continued to snow, I lost power about half a dozen times, but thankfully only temporarily each time. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t permanently lose power – many people aroundabout me, and elsewhere in New England, have suffered hard due to power loss – some are expected to be without power for a week or more.

This is what I was faced with on Sunday morning when I descended to de-snow the car:

Just one example of the chaos that had ensued in the tree-world overnight. I saw some huge trees broken up everywhere in the area – some smaller roads were unpassable. No wonder so many had lost power.

But I have to admit that I’m a snow-lover, and can’t resist going out with my camera on a sunny day, whatever the temperature. So once I’d given my shovel its first run for the season, I set-to with my chores for the day, and then headed out with my camera gear – it was just gorgeous out there!

I headed into the center of Shrewsbury, the town where I live. It’s very quaint and picturesque at any time, so it looked even nicer in the snow. This is The Sumner House – used to be a B&B, and it was actually the first place I ever stayed at in Massachusetts – when I interviewed for my first job up here in 2005, they booked a room for me there. Now it’s changed hands and is a funeral parlor of all things! A beautiful house though.

This is the cute little gazebo in the center of town!

And a little bit further along from the gazebo is where our American flag hangs, just behind a War Monument – there was too much snow to get behind the monument though.

And this is one of my favorite church buldings – the First Congregational Church. It’s at the end of the walkway in the photo above, and you can also see it in the photo of the gazebo. More quintessential New England.

I caught some nice colors at our local park in the afternoon – seems weird seeing so much fall color around with heaps of snow too! At least the Canada geese didn’t seem too concerned…..and the snow at the edge of the lake had melted, so they could at least get up a little way onto the grass to dig around for food.

Hope you’re all staying warm if you’ve had some bad weather recently!


3 responses to “‘Tis The Season

  1. Fantastic timeline of the changing scenes Nicky – and beautiful photographs to boot! I too love the snow, but our wee business really suffered during last year’s long, severe spell. So, I’m hoping for a few snowfalls during the Christmas holidays, but hoping we don’t have too much of the white stuff over the course of the rest of the winter!

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