Le Plateau Mont Royal

Plateau Mont Royal is one of Montreal’s cool neighborhoods, being previously voted as one of North America’s “hippest” areas. It’s well known for its brightly colored homes, ornate architecture, and bohemian atmosphere. And the wintery weather just seemed to add even more character to the place.

I particularly enjoyed Carre St. Louis, a colorful square, even in the snow. A monument to Octave Crémazie, the littérateur of Québec City, sits at one end of the square, and a statue of a French Canadian soldier lies below Crémazie’s bust, with an inscription of the words “Pour mon drapeau je viens ici mourir.” (For my flag, I come here to die). Crémazie (1827-1879) was a Hellenic Turk poet known for his patriotic work.

So much color inside the square, and out!

Loved the classic Victorian fountain in the center.

And how could you not like these colorful townhomes around the square?

Walking west from the square, there was still plenty of color to be seen.

And some beautiful architecture to be had too. I loved the little silver cupola of L’Institut des Sourdes-Muettes (Deaf and Dumb Institute).

And it was quite a treat to find the armory of Les Fusiliers Mont Royal, one of the oldest surviving units of the historical Black Watch. What an amazing building!

And last, but not least, another little squirrel on the hunt for dinner! And this one even invited a friend along!

Definitely a neighborhood worth investigating if you’re in the Montreal region!


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