Thanksgiving, Mont Royal-Style

Well this morning I remembered why I don’t normally drink more than one glass of red wine…..the headaches. As delicious as it is, I have my limits, and last night’s almost-three glasses tipped me over the edge!

But after some painkillers and a session at the gym, I was ready for my first day in Montreal! One of the areas on the To-Do list was to head to Parc du Mont Royal, the city’s largest green space, and the site of the mountain that gave Montreal its name.  It’s more of a big hill really, at 764 feet, but it’s always been called a mountain. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York City’s Central Park, and was inaugurated in 1876.

It was really only a handful of blocks from the hotel to the foot of the Mont, but the last few involved a steep incline. And that was just to bring you to the foot of it! Next there was a never-ending set of steps to climb to get to the top,  and in full winter gear, that was no small feat. But once at the top, it was all worthwhile.

The view over downtown Montreal from the Kondiaronk Belvedere is second-to-none.

The Kondiaronk Belvedere is a semi-circular plaza that forms a lookout area in front of the Chalet du Mont Royal. It was built in 1906, and is named after the Huron chief Kondiaronk, who signed a major peace agreement with the French regime in 1701.

And despite the winter weather, there were still some lovely colors to be seen around the chalet.

The chalet was beautiful inside too, and I loved the contrast that the natural lighting produced.

More lovely colors throughout the park, too.

And the snow certainly wasn’t keeping the wildlife from finding lunch! I watched Monsieur Le Squirrel for quite some time as he scuttled around foraging and digging!

Not sure when my knees will forgive me for all the climbing, but I certainly enjoyed the visit!


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