Christmas Vacation Begins

Ah, I love ending the year with my saved vacation days……..I finished work Tuesday night, and thanks to a combination of university holidays, and vacation days that I’d specifically saved, I don’t return until January 3rd.

My vacation started out with my usual Tuesday evening USO shift. It was a nightmare trying to just get to Boston’s Logan Airport – huge lines of traffic awaiting arriving passengers. I ended up ducking into an “official vehicles only” throughway (where all the hotel vans go to make pickups) just so I could exit at the other end and get to the parking lot near USO. Otherwise I’d have been waiting for the about 30 minutes. And the traffic wasn’t much better trying to get out a few hours later, but at least my exit wasn’t as time-sensitive as my arrival! Clearly the Christmas traffic insanity has begun.

But it was nice and peaceful in the USO lounge, and I even managed to get a bit of work done (I suppose no vacation is ever a true vacation when you work in academia, although I do try to keep my vacation time as sacred as possible). And the lounge looked nice and festive, especially with all the holiday cards that were handmade by local schoolkids – very sweet!

Yesterday was off to an early start with a gym visit, although I cut it short – been having lower back pain this week, so I ended up at home popping some ibuprofen instead. And after that I drowned my sorrows in some coffee with pumpkin spice-flavored creamer, and all seemed much better!

There were chores to catch up on in the apartment, and I also managed to take my non-perishable food collection to our leasing office. Every Christmas I donate food to our local Worcester Food Bank. Last year the hair salon that I use made it easy for me since they had a drop-off box there, so I killed two birds with one stone when I went for an appointment. This year it’s even easier for me – our apartment’s leasing office has a collection point, so I only had to wander across the complex with my box. That was a great move on their part.

In the afternoon I also got to meet up with my holiday catsitter. My usual catsitter is away for Christmas, but she kindly referred me to a friend. So this nice young lady visited me so she could meet Tiddles and see where things are kept. Tiddles is usually very low-maintenance for others, but loves to push my buttons when we’re home alone together! But nobody ever believes me when I tell them of the chaos she causes.

The evening brought a haircut for me  – very exciting! Maybe the first time I’d been able to just sit down and do nothing all day, it was quite nice in that respect.

Meantime, I’m waiting for Mark to arrive from upstate New York. We’re heading to deepest, darkest CT to visit his aunt and uncle tomorrow, and then we head north back to Boston to fly out to San Francisco on Christmas evening. We’re off to Yosemite National Park for a few days. Can’t wait! Although I’m sad because there’s no snow there yet, so I won’t be getting the winter wonderland that I was hoping for. But that’s ok – the weather seems to be bright and sunny, so I think we’ll have a fantastic trip!

And it’s going to be nice having Mark around for maybe 10 days or so. At least that’s how I feel now. Ask me again in 10 days time……


4 responses to “Christmas Vacation Begins

  1. Have fantastic trip, and a wonderful time!

  2. Wow, Yosemite for the holiday! Nothing better. Have a wonderful time off. And pet kitty for me. 🙂

    • Haha! Kitty is in trouble – someone gave me a nice mug for Christmas. They left it on my counter in the kitchen, and heinous kitty pushed it off, and it ended up in about 6 pieces 😦

      But yes, I’m really excited about Yosemite!

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