Another New Year

And so we have another start to another year. They sure seem to roll around quickly these days, don’t they? I remember when a school semester used to seem like an eternity……Nowadays I feel like New Year’s Eves happen every couple of months.

We finally returned from California on December 30th after a fabulous trip to Yosemite. It was tough leaving the place. But all good things must come to an end, and I suppose it’s a good excuse to be able to visit again some day!

Since then we’ve been trying to catch up on all things “home”. Yesterday we had a date at the movies! Mark took me to see War Horse. It was a wonderful film – if you haven’t seen it yet, do try and catch it somewhere.

Then we bunkered down for the evening. After our grand adventure in California, we didn’t want to do anything that involved energy expenditure on New Year’s Eve. So an evening of food, wine and TV was in store!

I know haggis isn’t exactly a classic American, New Year’s Eve dish, but it was on our menu for the night. Mark developed quite a taste for it when I first introduced him to it about a year ago. So he was quite excited when I told him what was about to be served.

I only suffered one mishap during the food preparation. Tiddles, my heinous pet, just loves to counter-surf, and she rudely jumped up there shortly after I’d set out plates. She then decided to knock one plate off the counter. Sadly it never survived, but at least it was an empty plate!

We washed it all down with the remaining couple of bottles of New Zealand white wine that we had left from our trip last January. And finally, we followed up with some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

All in all, a simple, but successful, end to 2011!


6 responses to “Another New Year

  1. You made Haggis from scratch? I am very impressed!
    An a quiet knight in sounds like a nice start to the year!

    • Oh no, I wish I could claim that! A few years ago I discovered The Caledonian Kitchen online – I decided to try them out, and found their haggis to be a real winner!

      • I’ve never had haggis, but it’s always intrigued me. Maybe I’ll actually try making and eating it one day…

      • I lived in Scotland for many years when I was still back in the UK. When I first moved there, I couldn’t even face trying haggis, I thought it seemed revolting. Then one day I was convinced to try some – so glad I did, I was instantly hooked. Its consistency is like ground beef or meatloaf, that kind of feel. I don’t even know what to compare its taste to – it’s very herby, and tastes like nothing else I’ve ever had! Delicious though. You can get it in cans too – the purists don’t like this, but many of the good haggis producers put out wonderful canned haggis.

  2. Ok, you convinced me. I’ll have to try it.

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