Birthday Girl

It was my birthday a couple of days ago. It always seems to get lost in the melee of Christmas and New Year. It used to bother me when I was younger, but not any more. Maybe I’m just older and wiser. Or maybe I’d just prefer to forget how many I’ve had!

Me with my grandparents a few decades ago! Apparently I liked squeezing kittens then.



Either way, it was mostly uneventful, but in aย good way. I had to work, so that added to the non-birthday feel. And these days the thought of a night out midweek is a killer since I’m up at 5am each morning for my hour-long commute to work. So I’m entrenched in the habit of a quiet night in on most weekday evenings, followed by an early night in preparation for the next day. But Tiddles at least helped me celebrate with a bottle of beer!


And I was excited to receive a lovely package from my kid sister. She was upset earlier because it hadn’t arrived in advance. But I know how the mail can be this time of year. Delivery time for anything posted from overseas over the holiday can be very unpredictable. But it arrived right on the day of my birthday, so we were both happy!

My main present was this lovely necklace. I just loved it. My sister chooses the best gifts!

And I also received other wonderful goodies from her too. One of my favorites included a few boxes of my favorite Twinings tea. Haven’t been able to find it in the USA, so my sister kindly bought some for me. It’s really nice. I received some last Christmas and initially didn’t like the sound of it. But I tried it out of interest one day, and was instantly hooked. It has a lovely spiced, citrus taste. Very festive, but I love it any time of year.

And naturally, another of my favorites was a selection of tasty chocolates. There’s a very distinct difference between European and American chocolate. And although I’m all about equal opportunities when it comes to any decent chocolate, I do miss the easy access to Euro-grown chocolates! But that just makes them all the more sweet when they appear on my doorstep.

It’s been a short week since I didn’t return to work until Tuesday. But I’m suitably exhausted and don’t feel as if I’m really back in the swing of things yet. Hopefully next week won’t be so much of a blur.


8 responses to “Birthday Girl

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Nicky! Aw, the package from your sister was awesome. What a beautiful necklace. And, I totally agree with you on the difference between European and American chocolate – you can’t beat a bar from Thorntons or a piece of Lindt!
    Hope you feel less knackered as the week goes on – I always feel a bit drained after the festive madness! xx

  2. Happy birthday!
    As I’ve gotten older, I more enjoy just a quiet evening to mark the date. And I don’t really take the day off for it any more either…
    Glad you’ve got good tea to help you unwind from the holidays

    • Me too – I remember in my younger days, there was always a celebratory night out. Now I’m content to curl up on the couch with no work to do. And just a wee beer to help celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Happy belated birthday! Your sister is a treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you Nikky. I do love it when an OS parcel arrives smack on the right date. My Mum used to have a real knack for that when I lived in the UK.
    Hope you had a great day.

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