In Our Home

In our home, we prefer not to open food bags the conventional way…….

Yet another sign that Tiddles has thumbs. The food bags are kept in a secure location, in a closet – given her propensity for a little B&E when it comes to these! Yet somehow I discovered this latest bag to be somewhat breached. Without my help or permission.

I’m thinking of just leaving it open like this in the kitchen so she gets free access…….I might get some peace!

Talking of peace…..remember I mentioned my neighbors from hell? Things have not improved. I’ve now complained to our leasing office about them. They’e received verbal notice from the office that they need to be more considerate. Then a letter from their lawyers when nothing changed after a couple of phone calls. Still no change. Right now it’s 5:40am and their dog woke me up barking at 4:17am – he is still barking now!

I definitely could have done with more than 4 hours sleep – I worked until almost midnight and I’m exhausted. That extra hour to take me to my normal 5am alarm would’ve been wonderful.

Time to start the audio recordings of these neighbors’ shenanigans….


6 responses to “In Our Home

  1. Sick tiddles on the neighbors. Two problems solved.
    Good luck with them, hope it all gets wrapped up soon!

  2. Tiddles is talented. 🙂 .Sorry about the neighbors!

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