Weekend Updates

Swamped again between my real work and my freelance stuff! Not a bad thing, but it just cuts out all the fun stuff like my photo editing & blogging here! And I’m still behind on the Yosemite story….

But anyway, I had a fun weekend, although it disappeared far too quickly. I headed up to upstate NY once again. At this stage I’m sure my car could probably do the journey on its own (and thank God I have a diesel engine)….

Amazingly, I arrived Friday evening to find dinner ready & waiting for me. That was a first indeed! The wine was poured, and dessert (peppermint chocolate-covered Oreos) was already out on the table. I was flabbergasted. “Who are you? And what did you do with my boyfriend?”, I asked.

I’m still sure he wants something…..

Saturday it snowed (again), and temperatures were around 12 degrees F, so it was a tad chilly. But a beautifully sunny day nevertheless. Much to Mark’s chagrin, I decided we should head out in the afternoon. So we did the weekly supermarket run, and then took a drive out to Sackets Harbor, one of my favorite towns in the area.

It overlooks Lake Ontario, and is a very quaint village with lots of history – it was the site of a battle during the War of 1812.

It also has a wonderful Main Street with many nicely preserved 19th century buildings, and it’s on the National Registry of Historic Places.

We took a walk through the town and across the Battlefield Historic Site. By now it was late afternoon & the sun was quite low, setting the scene on the battlefield with just beautiful lighting.

Typically this time of year, the lake is largely frozen over & dotted with ice fishers, but this year it’s been strangely “warm”, and the lake isn’t as iced over as usual. So it allowed for beautiful reflections of the blue sky. Made it look almost inviting!

Luckily, even in our cosy winter gear, we weren’t feeling delirious enough to go in for a dip!

Eventually we went in the direction of their local coffee shop to warm up somewhat before heading home again.

But even though it was a cold afternoon walk, we were both glad we’d ventured out to enjoy the beautiful winter day.




6 responses to “Weekend Updates

  1. Glad your freelancing is getting busier! And glad to see the monkey tucked in the coat too.
    Looks like a beautiful winter stroll!

  2. Hi Nicky – – great pictures, and what a nice treat to have dinner all ready. I love nothing more than to have dinner prepared for me, for a change. 🙂

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