And Another Weekend Flies By

As predicted, the weekend just whizzed by. I was so looking forward to getting home on Friday evening after work. As much as I missed heading north to see Mark, there was something nice about not having to face a 6 hour drive, but instead to just be able to collapse at home with a glass of wine.

Although it wasn’t an exciting, fun-packed couple of days, I did manage to accomplish a fair bit over the weekend. Put together the bulk of a review article I’ve been writing for a veterinary continuing education journal that I’ve been writing for since about 2005. And I also made a start on a smaller article I’ve been writing for a science site that I contribute to.

So I was on a roll, and it felt good!

Sunday was a lot of fun. It was the local chapter meeting of the American Medical Writers Association here in New England, and I’d been asked to host a roundtable discussion on blogging for medical writers. That turned out to be a whole lot of laughs. I always really enjoy our local meetings, the members are so nice. And this meeting was especially fun – everyone was very interactive, sharing ideas and comments, it was great. It was a brunch meeting too, so we were adequately fed and watered at the hotel, which was nice.

Afterwards I visited my friends, they’d just had their 2nd baby a couple of weeks ago, so I got to see the little guy for the first time. They seem to be holding up quite well, despite having an almost-four-year-old in tow, with an overabundance of energy!

I can barely cope with my cat…….

But it was lovely to see them all!

Other than that, Tiddles annoyed the heck out of me all day Saturday when I was working. She ramps up the annoyance factor when I’m home, destroying all-things-paper, and knocking things off the counters, just to get my attention (usually for food). There’s quite the song and dance routine between us when I’m in the apartment too…….I swear she thinks she owns the place, and I’m just the irritating roommate.

On Saturday I found her on the counter in the kitchen. I’d left a box up there to trash, and inside was an empty cat food bag. Naturally that was the source of her desires……

And when she’s not playing Tiddles the Destroyer, she can usually be found right in my face while I’m trying to work!

I didn’t manage to do my taxes as I’d hoped to do (high expectations!), but I did at least manage to drag out the box of documents that I’ll be needing. So that’s sitting in the middle of the living room, and will be there until I get a chance to get the tax thing out of the way.

Today’s been a pain. About 30 minutes after I arrived in work, my computer was
virus-attacked” again. It’s been a recurring theme now for about 2 years. There are a few of us who get attacked almost consistently. I’m one of them. Ended up with a new computer a year ago, only to have problems again only a couple of weeks into it! I’ve been “safe” since maybe last summer, but today’s was a big one! So I lost my computer all day, ended up in a colleague’s office since he was away. His computer was slow though, it wasn’t easy working with it.

Another reason I’ll never buy another PC at home. Touch wood, my Mac has been  flawless since I got it 2 years ago. It’s never given me a minute’s problem.

Fingers crossed for a functional PC when I get into work tomorrow……


6 responses to “And Another Weekend Flies By

  1. Sad how responsibility can ruin an otherwise nice day…
    Hope the tax box is safe from Tiddles!

  2. Ah, Tiddles is so cute! 🙂

  3. Gotta love a Mac! And it looks like Tiddles agrees!

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