Snowed-In in the Adirondacks

Last week was interesting all around. It was a good one for my freelance business, with another new client coming on board with some immediate work for me, so I was excited about that.

Valentine’s Day brought me an unexpected smile – Mark & I had plans for the weekend, but I was surprised when he “appeared” on a photo on his brigade’s Facebook page with a Valentine’s Day message for me!

Very cute! I’ll keep him……

With a 3-day weekend looming, I did my weekly homage to upstate NY on Friday, and Mark took me out to dinner when I arrived. After my 6 hour drive, the good food and company were even more welcome than usual, and we had a fun evening all around.

Next morning we headed off into the Adirondacks for the weekend. Although it hasn’t been a very wintery winter in the north east this season, the timing was perfect for us on Saturday. The snow was falling nicely as we arrived at our destination of Old Forge.

We checked in at our little motel, and then headed out for a drive.

Just FYI, when you’re in the car with a (my) soldier, and he drives you into a snowbank, the best survival tactic is to stay as quiet as possible. Merely remind him to let you know whenever he wants some assistance.

Somehow we emerged from that little event still intact, although I thought he was going to lose it at one point. Patience is definitely not his middle name…..thankfully, however, it is mine, and I just counted to three every so often.

Even stuck in the snow, the scenery aroundabout is just wonderful – a real winter wonderland, just how I like it!

I just love the snow, and especially love seeing the contrast of bright colors of buildings against the white-out.

After digging out of the snowbank, we took off for some dinner, and then just headed back to the motel where we had some wine and Girl Scout Cookies waiting for us. (I won’t mention the fact that I arrived the previous evening to find about 26 boxes of the things in the corner of the room……Mark does not do things in ones or twos.)

Next morning the storm had stopped, and the sun had appeared. We located the local diner and stopped off for a warming breakfast.

The scenery looked very different while the sun was shining, that’s for sure!

Old Forge was such a lovely place to spend a couple of days – beautiful scenery, whether in the middle of a snow storm, or in the sunshine.

The 3-day weekend really disappeared way too quickly, but it was at least very enjoyable!


12 responses to “Snowed-In in the Adirondacks

  1. Very cute Valentine’s day gesture!

  2. Wonderful post. I just put my character in my WIP in the Adirondacks, on a romantic getaway with a girlfriend. I guessed based on Google Earth, though they didn’t list hotels/motels. Any suggestions? I need it to be a cabin, rustic, 4-5 hours out of New York–longer’s OK, and a place I can view so I can describe its majesty in my book.

    Love to have your thoughts!

  3. Fantastic pictures, and great story as always.
    Bet you could have gotten a ridiculously good rate at the boat rental place…

  4. Amazing photos Nicky, as usual! We’ve had no snow here in the Central Belt of Scotland this winter, in fact it’s been more like Spring since December! Lovely Valentine’s Day surprise too! 🙂

    • I tell you, Jane, global warming is doing weird things to our planet! The weather has been bizarre here too. This time last year we were having snowstorm after snowstorm, it was never ending. This year the snow has been minimal really.

  5. Very cute Valentine’s message! And the weekend looks a treat (despite the driving into the snowbank!)
    Glad to see you were both ok.
    That little red building in the snow with the stream twisting into the foreground is like a picture postcard. More beautiful pics.

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