In Like a Lion

They say March comes in like a lion…….whomever they are, they’re not kidding in our part of the world. Probably by way of punishment for having had a ridiculously mild winter, we’re in the middle of a couple of days of heavy snow here. It’s lovely though – well, it is for me, since I’m a snow lover. But it’s definitely a pain when it comes to my hour-long commute.

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week again, although I feel as if I say that every week right now. I’m still too busy, but good busy – another couple of clients added to the mix for my freelance business in the past couple of weeks, so that made me happy.

Last weekend was quiet, but nice. We didn’t really do anything eventful. Mark was came off a 24 hour duty at noon on Saturday, so he just came home and slept the remainder of the day until I dragged him out of bed for dinner around 8pm! That was quite a mission getting him to come downstairs, but I knew he’d probably just wake up in the middle of the night if I left him, and then his body clock would’ve been all “off”.

Sunday was quiet too, we just did some chores, a supermarket run, and watched some soccer, and the day was over before we knew it.

And here we are again!

Otherwise, my neighbors downstairs continue to be the bain of my existence. They’ve had multiple warnings from the apartment leasing office, but continue to blast their music and yell all the time. So rude, and it’s an every day occurrence. Every once in a while I could turn a blind eye, but not most nights. So I got creative, and spent some time over the past week recording the noise level from them in my apartment. I forwarded a bunch of recordings attached to an email to the leasing office today, so I’m waiting to see what that’s going to bring……



14 responses to “In Like a Lion

  1. The third picture is just beautiful! Great composition!

  2. Beautiful photos! Although I’m definitely not a snow person, I can’t wait for the warm sunshine to return. I’m sorry about the neighbors, that kind of stuff drives me NUTS, especially late at night. Hope it’s resolved soon!

  3. my mom was talking about the snow but she said it wasn’t sticking in her area. Bummer! Sometimes I miss a little bit of snow!

  4. Those photos are beautiful. Very Norman Rockwell.
    Hope the recordings make a difference for you, and congrats on the new clients!

    • Thanks, Guap! I’m hoping the recordings will get me somewhere, eventually – my apartment leasing office tells me “something is being done”. Although I’ve noticed no change yet!

  5. Truly beautiful pictures–but not enough to get me to move from California.

  6. The pictures ARE beautiful, but the idea of actually having to get anywhere in all that iciness, is just way too scary for me. I’d be staying put and enjoying it without the worry of having to jump into a car to get anywhere. I guess when you live there it’s something you get accustomed to, or you wouldn’t go anywhere!
    Spring is just around the corner for you (as it is now Autumn here)… so it won’t be long and you will be enjoying more sunshine, in the meantime, stay warm and take more gorgeous pics!

  7. Love the snow pictures! We had a very mild winter out here as well, but ended up with some crazy weather at the beginning of March. By that point I was ready for spring and not in the mood for snow, cold, wet, etc.! I feel for you on the commute thing – – being from Maine, I have spend plenty of hours navigating the roads in trecherous conditions…not fun at all. Here’s hoping spring really IS around the corner!

    • Thanks, Heather! I suppose we have global warming to blame for our crazy weather right now! We’re due some 70s sunshine tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll be a nice bright day to end the weekend on.

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