Spring May Have Sprung

Well we’re in the midst of a mini-heatwave here in Massachusetts, with temperatures currently in the 70s. Bizarre for this time of year – more like June weather for us! And maybe somewhat of a guarantee of snow in April! I suppose we’ll see what happens……the weather Gods have been doing weird things lately, anything could happen.

The past couple of weeks have whizzed by. I’m home-alone for the whole of March. Mark is mostly incommunicado for 4-5 weeks, for training at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, LA.  He managed to call me last weekend, but that’s been our only contact so far! He seemed ok, but had managed to lose his beloved Kindle – it was in a bag with some uniform items, and he wandered off when he was needed for something. Later when they all returned, a bunch of stuff had disappeared. So I don’t know whether it’s been returned to him – nobody has tried to upload any books onto it, so I’m hopeful that it could just be floating around in Lost Property somewhere, and he may get it back since it’s in a bag along with his uniform with his name on it. Fingers crossed – he loves that little thing! Although if it never reappears, I’ll know what to buy him for his birthday……

I mailed him a small care package last week with some books in it, and some Reese’s Pieces since he’d put in an emergency request for those in particular! Hopefully the box made it out to him, wherever he is.

So, anyway, in the meantime, I’ve been a busy bee at home on my own. I’ve managed to get a lot of chores accomplished, and have worked feverishly on my freelance business, accomplishing a lot there too. It’s been somewhat fun, but I admit I’m really tired at the moment from working around the clock a lot. But it’s all part of this year’s goal, so I’m keeping at it!

Last week I was also in Schaumburg, IL for a few days for a meeting. That was long and arduous, but there were numerous good people there, so it was nice to catch up with them, and to meet some nice new folk too. And, wonder of wonders, I managed to have a positive experience at Chicago O’Hare…..nothing ever seems to go right for me when I travel through that airport (nor anybody else, I suspect). But for once something went well! Our meeting finished a few hours earlier than expected, so I would’ve been faced with a 6 hour wait for my scheduled flight. I did, however, manage to succeed in getting a standby flight 4 hours earlier. That allowed me to get home at 10pm instead of 2am! Very much appreciated……

Other than that, life has been trundling on. I caught up with some friends at the weekend. Hadn’t seen them for about a month or so. They just had their 2nd child 2 months ago, so it was nice to catch up with them all. It was their elder son’s birthday, so I’d wanted to hand over his birthday present, and I also cooked them a casserole. They’re highly functional, but I’m sure they’ll be able to freeze it in portions and put it to good use during moments of minor chaos when cooking doesn’t seem to be a feasible option!

I was also excited to collect a photo this weekend that I’d sent in for custom framing.

It’s one that I took when we were in New Zealand last year – Marlborough, the South Island’s wine country, was one of our favorite locations, and we were lucky enough to have the most beautiful weather on our 2nd day there (our wine tour day!). We both loved how this photo turned out. Mark doesn’t know I ordered a huge print of it & took it for framing, but I think he’ll be pleased to see it when he gets home.

On an unrelated shopping note….I also came across “broccoflower” when I was wandering around the supermarket.

Have any of you ever had it? I bought one, but haven’t tried it yet – this bright little hybrid is supposed to be sweeter than its parents – I’ll keep you posted!

I’m trying to catch up with some blog reading this week, so bear with me while I catch up with you all!


4 responses to “Spring May Have Sprung

  1. I am reveling in the spring like temps until tomorrow, when we get the real thing!
    Hope the kindle turns up, and really happy everything is going well for you!

    Also, beautiful pic to get framed!

    • People were out in shorts here this weekend, it’s ridiculous! I too hope his Kindle reappears, I think he’ll miss it more than he’d miss me! Glad you like the pic, it still takes me back in my mind to being there in person!

  2. I just sent a care package off to my son. His request: pnut butter pretzels (couldn’t get them in Kuwait) and beef jerky. OK. I’ll send whatever he needs.

    I use my iPad now for a Kindle, though that would be worse to lose. Kindle’s are now $79–the pre-Fire version. Is that the one he had?

    • Aw, that’s sweet! Hope he enjoyed them 🙂 Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, I’ve been an absentee here for all this time. I’m drowning in deadlines and freelance work. Have had no time to play, it hasn’t been good. Mark’s Kindle was the regular one with the keyboard, it’s about $139 now. He’s really sad, he loved that thing so much. Luckily his birthday is at the end of May, so I know what to get him!

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