Coming Up For Air

Well I’m finally emerging from what feels like a drowning over the past few weeks. My ongoing “writing project from hell” is scheduled to be finished on Thursday, provided I don’t meet any unexpected hurdles in between now and then.

The weekend before last I took my first day off in a month – Mark was finally home from his training in Louisiana, so I did my usual mammoth trek to upstate NY to see him. Although I felt somewhat anxious about all the work I had to do on this project, I’d already scheduled  a 2-day break into my itinerary, and after not seeing Mark for a month, I was determined to have a couple of days off.

It was so nice to see him again, as well as just to have 2 days doing no work whatsoever. Naturally the house looked like Beirut when I arrived. I sometimes think Mark goes out of his way to annoy me on that front. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I hate clutter that never goes away (ie/ the piles of crap that he leaves around randomly – last weekend he suddenly went into the closet while we were watching TV, and emerged with 2 tennis rackets and a kite! All were just thrown on the floor in front of the TV. That was it! Somehow World War III didn’t break out when I asked him politely to put them back in the closet until he actually needed them).

But anyway, mess aside, we had a nice weekend!

The weather was lovely too, and on Saturday we took a drive to the town of Orwell, just about half an hour south of Watertown, to visit Salmon River Falls.

We didn’t take the steep trek down to the base of the falls because neither of us had decent walking boots on, and it was really rocky down to the bottom.

But we did manage a really nice hike around the rest of the trail.

In the picture above, I’m standing on the ledge that drops off to form the falls. We couldn’t really get a decent view of them from up high along the trail. Maybe one day we’ll be wearing decent walking boots so we can climb down a get some good photos of it.

Afterwards as we headed home, we decided on a little wine tasting! There are quite a few vineyards in the Watertown & upstate NY region in general that offer wine tastings, and it seemed like a perfect day for a tasting! So we hit Yellow Barn Winery, we’d never been there before or even tasted their wine. We were the only folk in the place, so we got quite a bit of attention! And we found a bottle of red that we both enjoyed, and took one home for the evening.

Being Easter weekend, Mark decided he wanted to bake cupcakes for us. So the wine came in handy while he baked.

And the finished product was delicious!

We also decided it was time to get some spring flowers for our little patio area at the back of the house. We don’t have a garden – our house just backs out onto the shared green behind the row of town homes, but the little patio is a good size for us to have some pots of flowers. We’ll see how well they turn out – neither of us are really keen gardeners, so we picked some that looked as if they’d have a good fighting chance if they were to be accidentally abandoned for a while!

Ah well, I’m going to head off to finish off my bottle of beer now! I finished working about an hour ago and decided to celebrate with a beer…….hopefully I can wrap up this project by Thursday evening and get this monkey off my back.


9 responses to “Coming Up For Air

  1. No pictures of Mark! I was looking forward to a peek. Ah, well, the cupcakes and flowers made up for it.

  2. I got them and checked right away. What a cutie. Lots of ribbons on his chest although going to Iraq–you earned a few ribbons for that one, too.

    I missed a lot not knowing about this blog before. Luckily, I’ve subscribed so will miss no more. Good luck with your business!

  3. Great that you stuck to your time off (which will probably make finishing the project easier!) and had a good time to boot!
    Great pics, as always. Looks like that river might be a nice kayak day when It’s a bit deeper…

    • Thanks Guap! Sorry, for the tardy reply, I’ve been mostly off the blog, as you can tell! But yes, I agree with you, I think being firm about having a couple of days off was the best thing I could’ve done.

  4. Woohoo! So glad that you’re on the final straight of your project from hell!
    Absolutely love your photos, as ever, Nicky – especially the cupcakes! Glad you had such a lovely weekend and hope you take a well-deserved rest on project completion! 🙂

  5. Thanks Jane 🙂 The cupcakes were a real treat! Haven’t had too much of a break since the project ended, mostly due to others starting up, but the lack of chaos due to that particular project was a big help in keeping my sanity!

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