The Week in Review

Another week seems to have flown by. Last weekend I had the luxury of being “mostly free”, work-wise. I did some work on Saturday, but took Sunday completely off, and that was great.

I drove down to Newport, RI for the day, and although we started off with a grey, overcast morning, things progressed to full sunshine later in the afternoon, although it was a tad cool even in the sun. But what the heck, it wasn’t raining, and I wasn’t working!

I wandered around Fort Adams State Park. One of my most favorite locations. I never tire of it. or anywhere in Newport, for that matter.

Once the sun was out later in the afternoon, I took a spin along Ocean Drive. Scenery (and real estate) doesn’t get much better than this!

Tuesday brought along my usual USO shift. It was quiet most of the night, and I managed to get quite a bit of work done while I was there. We’d also received a shipment of Girl Scout Cookies, and an adorable letter to accompany them.

Brought a wee tear to my eye!

Otherwise, not too much going on. Lots of chaos at work. And usually when there’s chaos at work, that means someone is going to make their chaos my problem. Had a fair bit of that this past week. Friday came around just in the nick of time.

One piece of hopefully good news – you may recall the problem I’ve been having with my downstairs neighbors since they moved here in the fall last year. Horrendously noisy. Obnoxiously so. Anyway, I give our apartment complex lots of points – they took the matter seriously, and gave them an eviction notice. They were due to leave May 5th, but that didn’t happen, they kept coming up with excuses. So the apartment complex took them to court this past week. Initially they asked me if I’d appear too, and I said yes, of course. But then they told me I wasn’t needed. Anyway, they contacted me after the appearance on Thursday to let me know that it all went well and that the neighbors will be gone by the end of the month.  It’s been a very long few months. I’ve honestly never experienced neighbors so horrific, and I’ve been renting for the past 25 years. (I really need to buy….)

And on that note, I’m going to head off to bed!


4 responses to “The Week in Review

  1. Congratulations on the loss of your neighbors!
    I love Newport – one of my favorite spots on earth.
    I was right there with you on the “Friday in the nick of time” thing.
    And now I want a cookie.

  2. Love the Girl Scout letter. Maybe your bf and my son will get some!

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