Memorial Day Thanks from Boston Common

If, like me, you’re privileged enough to have a day off today, it’s because of the sacrifices of members of our Armed Forces who died serving their country.

May their service and sacrifice never be forgotten.

We have a beautiful Memorial Day tribute in Boston right now. For the 2nd year running, a garden of flags blankets the ground in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Flagstaff Hill on the Common.

33,000 flags are currently planted, in honor of Massachusetts’ servicemembers who’ve died in conflicts dating back to the Civil War.

It’s simply breathtaking to see.

The flags were planted last Wednesday and will remain there until tonight.

I also paid a visit to our local Massachusetts Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery to say a small thanks to those who rest there.

Be sure to thank a servicemember today.


6 responses to “Memorial Day Thanks from Boston Common

  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I am impressed.

    • The display in Boston was just mesmerizing. On the day I was there, it was quite breezy and I just loved how the wind was whipping the flags around – it put so much life into them, I liked that. A breathtaking tribute.

  2. Sadly, that is an awful lot of memorial flags.
    Great sentiments here, great post!

  3. Loved these pictures, Nicky. I also love Boston and hope to get back that way someday soon and spend some time there. It was a pretty quick drive from where I grew up in Maine. I love that city!

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