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Goodbye June

Well I hope July is a little less chaotic, that’s all I can say.

June took a nosedive as the 2nd week began. I knew it was going to be busy – I had a work-related trip to Fort Collins, Colorado. My annual exam committee meeting where we put together the certifying exam for the specialty field in which I work. It’s always a 3-day weekend fraught with angst – long days cooped up indoors at the vet school while we debate what should or shouldn’t make it onto the exam. But it was fruitful, as always. And also really nice to once again catch up with the great folk who make up the committee. This is all voluntary work, so you can imagine it tends to attract more benevolent and less egotistical folk! Always a bonus when you’re trying to gather collective opinions.

As if that wasn’t stressful enough, over that same weekend I began to experience some similar symptoms to what I’d experienced last year. The acid feeling. After a few days, I decided to take some Prilosec. Ye Gods…..the cure was worse than the disease!

I took it for 4 days and couldn’t handle the side effects. I was nauseous, headache-ridden, groggy, and ridiculously tired (even when driving – not good). So I stopped, and felt much better the next day. However, a couple of days later, I developed the most horrendous rebound acid imaginable. I’ve heard about this in relation to folk who’ve taken the drug long-term, but didn’t expect it to hit me after 4 days.

Fast forward about 10 days, and I’m now beginning to emerge from the acid bath! Things are much better now, so hopefully that’ll continue. I’ve read that it can take a month in most cases (longer for some) for things to settle down. Meanwhile I’m taking care about what I eat and drink. I’ve been off coffee for 3 weeks now, and I’m mostly restricted to either water or chamomile tea for drinks. And being a staunch coffee drinker, you can imagine the chamomile tea isn’t cutting it for me! I only drink decaf usually, but even that is quite acidic, so needs to be avoided. Mealtimes are highly exciting – oatmeal, wholewheat bread, egg whites, chicken and brown rice, bananas, and melons have become my staples. All of these I eat anyway, but usually I get to have other things too! But not right now in this new phase of acid reflux……

Apart from the burning……we’ve had some nice stormy weather here in between the hot days (that I despise so much). I love stormy weather – not only for the cool relief it brings me, but for the great skies it brings too.

Work has been too busy, lots of deadlines that have left me working evenings and weekends. So I have to get creative when the weather is nice. Last weekend I decided to take the laptop to Starbucks (with my chamomile tea) up in Bedford, north of Boston. I worked for much of the day there, and took an hour or so off before heading home, and meandered around Minuteman Park since the weather was beautiful.

Oh, and on a fun note, I got to play the Queen in a skit we put on at work earlier this month! It was hysterical, a big group of us did it in honor of a fellow vet who was leaving our division after being there for 12 years. To say we made fools of ourselves is an understatement, but she did enjoy it!

I hope June has been less eventful for you! Here’s to a more peaceful July.



Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

The drive home from Vermont over Memorial Day weekend brought a fun stop at  the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. It’s a wee bit off the beaten path in Plymouth Notch, VT, so you’d really have to make a planned trip there, unless you happened upon it while being hopelessly lost!

But it’s a great little piece of history and makes for a really enjoyable visit.

Coolidge was the only American President to be born on Independence Day, and the only one to be sworn in by his father!

Here’s the house where he was born in 1872.

The Plymouth Cheese Factory opened by the President’s father in 1890.

The 1840 Union Christian Church – the church that the Coolidge’s attended. Their pew is marked by the flag.

This is the porch of the Coolidge family homestead – the rocking chairs where the President liked to relax. Rumor has it that he even made one of them himself.

What a great place to soak up some history!

Do stop by it if you are up in the area!

More from Vermont: Quechee

I’d intended to post some more photos midweek from last weekend’s visit to Vermont, but the week has just flown by & inevitably my intention never came to fruition! I love 4-day work-weeks, but the downside is that you still kind of have to squash 5 days of work into those remaining 4 days after a holiday!

But it was worth it to be able to have a few days off – a rarity for me, so I made sure to enjoy every last minute of my free time in the beautiful sunshine.

Quechee itself was beautiful – very quaint, actually. If you’re ever up that way, it’s absolutely worth a visit. The Ottauquechee River runs through the town, and gave me some beautiful views to photograph.

My favorite place was “Quechee Gorge Village” – a little “mall” area that’s quite an attraction now – a collection of quaint artisan shops like only Vermont can provide – local stuff, one-offs, etc.

I especially loved how nicely they’d decorated the grounds – with scatterings of “antiquey” things just lying about.

And those things in the background of the image above? Yes, they’re moose…’s Vermont after all.

…….but just wooden sculptures of moose.

And my ultimate favorite thing in the shopping area was this old diner bus! Fabulous!

And of course, you just can’t go to Vermont and not sample their local cheeses…..that would be simply rude….

Be sure to stop by Quechee Gorge Village if you’re in the Quechee region! It would be hard to not enjoy meandering around the place for a little while.