More from Vermont: Quechee

I’d intended to post some more photos midweek from last weekend’s visit to Vermont, but the week has just flown by & inevitably my intention never came to fruition! I love 4-day work-weeks, but the downside is that you still kind of have to squash 5 days of work into those remaining 4 days after a holiday!

But it was worth it to be able to have a few days off – a rarity for me, so I made sure to enjoy every last minute of my free time in the beautiful sunshine.

Quechee itself was beautiful – very quaint, actually. If you’re ever up that way, it’s absolutely worth a visit. The Ottauquechee River runs through the town, and gave me some beautiful views to photograph.

My favorite place was “Quechee Gorge Village” – a little “mall” area that’s quite an attraction now – a collection of quaint artisan shops like only Vermont can provide – local stuff, one-offs, etc.

I especially loved how nicely they’d decorated the grounds – with scatterings of “antiquey” things just lying about.

And those things in the background of the image above? Yes, they’re moose…’s Vermont after all.

…….but just wooden sculptures of moose.

And my ultimate favorite thing in the shopping area was this old diner bus! Fabulous!

And of course, you just can’t go to Vermont and not sample their local cheeses…..that would be simply rude….

Be sure to stop by Quechee Gorge Village if you’re in the Quechee region! It would be hard to not enjoy meandering around the place for a little while.


3 responses to “More from Vermont: Quechee

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  2. No Vermont maple syrup? Fresh from the trees? Do they even have that anymore?

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