Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

The drive home from Vermont over Memorial Day weekend brought a fun stop at  the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. It’s a wee bit off the beaten path in Plymouth Notch, VT, so you’d really have to make a planned trip there, unless you happened upon it while being hopelessly lost!

But it’s a great little piece of history and makes for a really enjoyable visit.

Coolidge was the only American President to be born on Independence Day, and the only one to be sworn in by his father!

Here’s the house where he was born in 1872.

The Plymouth Cheese Factory opened by the President’s father in 1890.

The 1840 Union Christian Church – the church that the Coolidge’s attended. Their pew is marked by the flag.

This is the porch of the Coolidge family homestead – the rocking chairs where the President liked to relax. Rumor has it that he even made one of them himself.

What a great place to soak up some history!

Do stop by it if you are up in the area!


5 responses to “Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

  1. those were slower days, weren’t they. I had a rocking chair when I got pregnant. Now, where did it go??

  2. Is the cheese maker still in business?
    I can’t recall any accomplishments by Coolidge as President…
    Still, it looks like a nice town!

    • Yes, the cheesemaker is still in business, believe it or not! Lots of artisanal cheeses on sale there. Such a great piece of history there – very tucked away in the state though, you really have to make an effort to get there.

  3. Checking in on you. How are you? I miss your posts.

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