Tall Ships & Baseball

Last weekend was heavenly. I had the whole weekend off – no work interference. I headed down to Newport, RI after work on Friday, and enjoyed a lovely day and a half there.

The Tall Ships were in town over the weekend, so I had to get a glimpse of their glamour.

The town was just hopping, as you can imagine. Newport is busy enough in July at the best of times, but throw in some big ships & you’ll find traffic queues that are unimaginable.

The weekend brought some baseball too. The Newport Gulls were playing on their home turf – they’re a summer collegiate team, and tickets are a hefty $5!

It was actually the first time I’d ever been to a Gulls game, and I was so surprised to find the park quite full – really nice!

It must be great for the young kids (I doubt anyone on the team was over 21) who play to see so much support from the town.

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Massachusetts – actually a wee bit too hot for me, but I coped admirably. I met up with a couple of friends for lunch – hadn’t seen them in a few months, so it was lovely to catch up. Especially because I’d had to miss their wedding in Maine at the beginning of June since I had to go to my exam committee meeting in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sadly that was a date fixed in stone, and I had to be there because I head up one of the exam sections so had to present my draft. Such a bummer to miss your friends’ wedding. But it was nice to see them on Sunday and hear all their news.

And did I tell you how great it was not to do any work all weekend?


11 responses to “Tall Ships & Baseball

  1. I like that the town came out to support the team so well. A lot of people like college sports better than pros for lots of good reasons.

  2. I really wish I went to see the tall ships!

  3. ahhh… warm weather, a beach side excursion, catching up with friends and a bit of sporting action too – sounds great.

  4. This land-locked Minnesotan has never seen the tall ships. What a sight!

    Saint Paul (MN) has the Saint Paul Saints baseball team, and it’s always a treat to see them and the loyalty they evoke…


    • Oh I hope you manage to get to see the Tall Ships sometime! I’ve seen them a few times now, both here in the US and back in the UK. Always a treat! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  5. I always enjoy your tales from Newport.
    I’m going to have to plan another run out there.

  6. Some Lovely photo’s

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