Civil Unrest

Another beautiful weekend, and more importantly, another work-free weekend for me. I could get used to these, but I’d better not!

I was particularly excited to be heading down to Newport, RI again because it was time for Fort Adams to host its Civil War Reenactment Weekend.

Now we all know the ending to that story, but that never stops me getting to any reenactment within reasonable driving distance!

And there’s nothing like watching the Civil War unfold with few-million-dollar yachts in the background on Narragansett Bay! A tad surreal…..

I just love these things, and it was a good excuse to be able to get inside the grounds of the Fort, which aren’t typically open to your average yahoo like me. Plus, I’ve been missing my weekend jaunts and picnics around the Fort – it’s been closed up to the public in recent weeks due to the America’s Cup being held there, and then even after it ended, lots of the boats and gear remained onsite for a while. So the place has been off-limits for a few weekends.

July tends to be festival season down there, with various things going on at the Fort much of the time that prevent you getting in to just walk around.

I always love watching reenactments – the reenactors are always so enthusiastic about their work, and take it very seriously. So cool!

Can’t say I’d enjoy wearing those big uniforms and outfits in 90 degree weather though – I was melting in my sundress, so I can only imagine how insane I’d feel in such heavy gear. And clearly this young lady was feeling the heat as I caught her paddling in the water after the Confederate surrender!

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and hopefully stayed cool somehow.




6 responses to “Civil Unrest

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve read a lot on the Civil War, but never been to a reenactment.
    What battle did they do?

    • They all tend to act out the last battle – although I have to say, I’ve never been to one that spelled it out on their schedule. Usually they just note something like: “2pm – Battle”.

  2. We usually act out a battle that works with the landscape of the battlefield. I remember two years ago some Union soldiers fired at us from inside the fort through the windows. We do occasionally act out parts of a real battle, but more often or not, the battle is whatever the commanders on both sides agreed upon the night before

  3. I’ve never been to one of these re-enactments, but I want to go. How exciting. Hey Steve–how many people participate in something like this? Do you have a ‘usual’ group or is it always different folks?

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