High As A Kite

This past weekend when I was in Newport, I also got to enjoy their annual Kite Festival.

It was just the perfect day for it – beautifully sunny, and with a wicked ocean wind to whip those kites around.

The festival is free to attend – it’s held at Brenton Point State Park, the most southern tip of the town. The park is literally on the ocean front, so the views out onto the Atlantic are amazing – a great location for the festival. Just about every day during the summer months you’ll find someone there flying their kite, but the festival weekend is something else to witness.

The place was hopping with visitors, and parking was quite an event, but I managed to find somewhere before too long. The lucky ones came by spaceship…..

Some kite clubs attend, and put on cool demonstrations with enormous kites which are always fun to see. And there are usually various events through the day, especially for the kids – kite lessons, the candy drop, face painting, kite ballets, and games, etc.

Kitt Kites is the company whch has organized the event since 2009 now – the gentleman who owns the company spends about $8,000 to host the event, but it’s completely free attend – what a great gesture!

And with the spectacular ocean views along Ocean Drive, and thousands of colorful kites flying high throughout the weekend, who wouldn’t want to spend some time there!


5 responses to “High As A Kite

  1. I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite.
    Looks like fun!

  2. Brilliant! Stunning photos, as ever, that have so put me in the mood to ‘go fly a kite’ in true Mary Poppins fashion! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, those kites are amazing, I’ve never seen kites like that before! How creative and beautiful.
    Cinta (one little acorn)
    … it seems wordpress won’t let me comment unless I log into twitter, facebook or wordpress… hmmm

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