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Real Men Wear Kilts

We had another lovely weekend – beautiful weather again – lots of sunshine, maybe a tad hotter than I prefer it, but I’m not complaining, it could’ve been much worse.

It was a timely weekend for a jaunt out west. Just western Massachusetts though, I’m not talking Idaho here……It was the annual Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival at Look Park in Florence, MA. Somehow I’ve never heard of this before last weekend, but I’m glad I happened upon the ad for it. I just love Scottish festivals. And although there’s nothing like attending one in Scotland (a regular habit for me when I lived there – I couldn’t get enough of them), this was a lot of fun.

Apparently, in 1753, a group of 50 Ulster Scot families headed west through the mostly unsettled countryside of Massachusetts, trekking for about 100 miles to settle in the rugged, hilly wilderness which they named “Glasgow Lands”, or “New Glasgow”.

The region was later renamed Blandford by a colonial governor, and this was the site of the very first festival which was held back in 1994. It was supposed to just be a one-off event to raise money to restore an old church, but it was so well-received by Scots here in the north east that it has repeated every year since – continuing to benefit charitable organizations and programs annually.

Of course, there were kilts galore.

Gentlemen, if you’re single and want to be a hit with the ladies, I’d strongly recommend investing in one….guaranteed to draw a crowd.

But be sure to get the right shoes….

There was singing, Scottish style….

And music, Scottish style….

And more characters than I could even hope to capture with my camera!

Already I can’t wait until next year’s event!



On this day in 1944, Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France marking what would become forever remembered as the D-Day invasion of World War II.

Exact statistics vary across different resources, but some 300,000+ Americans service members were killed during WWII, and an additional 671,000+ were wounded in action. Since September 11th, 2001, 5000+ service members have been killed, and more than 36,000 have been injured.

In the decades that have spanned the end of WWII and present times, significant advancements have not only been military, but also medical. In tribute to all who have served their countries in wars throughout the world, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has organized “Wounded in Action: An Art Exhibition of Orthopaedic Advancements“.

Currently on display at the Chicago Cultural Center, this exhibition honors the sacrifices made by injured military service members, and explores the emotional aspects of battle injury. Paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures are amongst the 107 pieces of work on display from 77 contributors. Contributing artists include military service members, family members and military surgeons who have cared for the wounded.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to visit this exhibition you’ll see work from Sergeant Pete Damon. Sergeant Damon is an Iraq War veteran who lost parts of both arms in 2003. His artwork is absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly recommend you to at least check out his work on his blog. I’ve seen quite a bit of it, he’s from here in Massachusetts where I live. His story and his talent are extremely inspirational……

…….To put it mildly.