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Independence & Festivals

Most nights for the past few weeks I’ve had all good intentions of updating something here. And each night has passed by without me accomplishing it! I’ve been so busy with my moonlighting that I’ve still been mostly working until bedtime. And on my scarce off-days, I’ve barely switched on the computer if I’ve been home. Tonight I’m having a night off so decided to add a little something.

July 4th weekend was relatively uneventful in the northeast corner. Mark wasn’t feeling too good so I never got to see him like we’d planned. I went down to Newport, RI for a couple of days since it’s possibly my most favorite place on earth. I spent some time relaxing at Fort Adams State Park:

Mr Adams watches over his fort

There’s a beautiful little military cemetery at the park, and in patriotic fashion, all the headstones were nicely decorated with flags for the weekend. Very fitting!

Thank you for your service

I missed out on fireworks over the weekend – all places accessible to me were having their displays on the Monday evening, & it would’ve been a very late night getting to bed if I’d ventured out for one. Since I’m up at 5am for work each morning, I opted out of seeing a display. I felt disappointed at missing them all – last year I’d spent the weekend in Newport & had seen the most beautiful display over Newport Harbor from Fort Adams.

But luck seemed to be on my side – although I missed them on the day itself, I did get to see an Independence Day firework display the following week when I visited Mark! One of the local upstate towns, Carthage, apparently holds its Independence Day display a week after the big day – not sure why, maybe it’s because many people flee to big towns for big displays, so they can’t compete? I didn’t mind why though – I just enjoyed the evening!

Independence Day celebratory fireworks in Carthage, NY

Can you believe it’s August? This year has just slipped by me, totally without my permission…..