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Bottling It Up

I’ve been having a minor grump this evening – you could call it a culmination of “bottled-up” frustrations of quite some time.

The Crux Of The Matter?
My apartment complex has no recycling station (well, except for a trash can for cardboard), so even though it’s easy enough to stay green & throw the occasional bottle into a recycling can when I’m on the move, my attempts to help preserve the environment have been somewhat hindered on the home front.

I’m trying hard to make a huge concerted effort to recycle, but it’s insane how difficult this town makes it! Since the start of the year I’ve been separating my recycling & just collecting it in my (miniscule) kitchen, while trying to locate public recycling opportunities. I’ve been checking out options online, but so far, my only realistic options are either to take a shovel-load of stuff to a large company & pay to have it taken off my hands…..or take my stuff in dribs & drabs to work maybe & offload bottles, cans, paper etc  in the public recycling bins.

So currently the trunk of my car is literally filled with recycling, & my kitchen floor is also continuing to get a bit crowded too!

It seems bizarre to me in this day & age that an apartment community wouldn’t offer some streamlined recycling station at least. I’m getting really frustrated because I’m becoming the crazy lady who collects “empties”, & I’m also frustrated that my apartment complex has no recycling facility – my town apparently “mandates” recycling, so it’s odd that the complex can get away without offering recycling.

I’ll continue collecting cans in the meantime (I suppose it’s better than collecting cats), but I’m very interested in hearing any potential resolutions that you guys can offer, especially if you’ve also encountered any similar obstacles in the past!