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Blue Skies, Boats & Birdies

My blogging has been minimal to imaginary of late – it’s been a busy few months & I’ve been really preoccupied – as if work isn’t busy enough, I pretty much spend my life running between my home here in MA, & Mark’s in upstate NY. It’s a 5 hour trip from home, but a 6 hour trip when I leave from work in Boston on Fridays to visit. I’ve managed to arrange my work schedule such that I can leave work early on Fridays, & arrive late on Mondays – making up time by working late midweek.

Having never been someone who disliked any particular day of the week, I now hate Mondays! I’m up at 5am & then get to enjoy the scenic drive across NY & MA to get to Boston. I then work late into the evening & typically don’t get home until around 9-10pm. Just in time to roll into bed, exhausted. Sometimes I squeeze in a glass of wine or beer.

In addition, I’ve been trying to get a freelance medical writing business up and running. The aim there is to build something up so that eventually (even if it takes a couple of years), I might be able to be self-employed & “mobile” so I can just go where the Army takes Mark. In the meantime, keeping up with 2 jobs and all the traveling, is exhausting to say the least.

But at least we’ve now begun to get some decent weather in the Northeast, so it’s a bit easier for us to get out at weekends and enjoy the time off. Up until a few weeks ago we were just experiencing one torrential downfall after another. And naturally at weekends in particular! Now we’ve had a couple of lovely weekends on the trot, with another forecast for this coming one.

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip out to Cape Vincent – this area in the 1000 Islands region is at the tip of the country – where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River, looking  right across to Canada.

I have a soft spot for lighthouses, & Tibbetts Point lighthouse was quite a delight to see for the first time. It was built in 1827 & houses the only original, working Fresnel lens in Lake Ontario.

On the way back homeward bound, we stopped off in Clayton, not too far away – they were hosting the tall ship “Lynx” at their dock for a couple of days – quite a spectacle!

In addition, we’ve taken the opportunity to do some growing – Mark occasionally asks if we should get a pet, but since I often wonder if he’s actually capable of looking after himself (hehe), I convinced him that we should start off with some plants at the house. Tiddles is enough trouble for me to contend with in MA! So we set the scene for some Canadian lupins from a packet of seeds that someone recently gave me.

And we also decided to “adopt” some pets – the bird feeder has started to bring us some new visitors already too! Word seems to be getting out  and about on the street that the bird seed is good at our place 🙂

Hope you’re all managing to enjoy some nice summer weather too!